Creamino Indian Ringneck For sale

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Size: Medium, 16 inches Native Region: India
Life Expectancy: 15 to 30 years
Noise Level: Moderate
Talk/Trick Ability: Fair; can be good mimics.

Creamino Indian Ringneck is The most popular and widely kept of the Psittacula species, the Indian ring-necked parakeet is not known for its affectionate manner. Life Expectancy: 15 to 30 years. Indian ring-necked parakeets can make excellent companions if owners handle, interact, play and talk to them daily. Behavior/Health Concerns: Indian ring-necked parakeets can develop social phobias with regular interaction and handling. Indian ring-necked parakeets enjoy chewing, so provide softwood toys. Generally not picky eaters, provide an Indian ring-necked parakeet a varied diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, greens, and whole grains. Males have a more distinct rose collar and facial markings than the females. They have a narrow black stripe on the mandible under the throat and a black lower mandible. Female Indian ringnecks do not have the colorful neck rings or facial markings found on adult males. Female also tend to be more

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