Goffin Cockatoo for sale

Goffin Cockatoos offer all the great traits of other species of Cockatoos in a "smaller & easier to care for package". 
Cockatoos are wonderfully loving, and affectionate parrots. Goffins are playful and very curious. The requirements, and desire a large amount of socialization. 

Goffin Cockatoos are not for inexperienced or first-time bird owners. They need an owner who has plenty of time to spend with them. 

They live 30 to 40 years, and some even older due to modern healthier diets, exercise, and mental stimulation. Goffin Cockatoos are not a parrot for first-time bird owners, and a lot of thought and consideration should go 
into the idea of getting one for a companion bird.


The Goffin Cockatoo from beak to tail is 12 inches to 13 inches. Goffin Cockatoos are white with pink or salmon color spots on either side of their beak, and the back of their crest. 

How much does a Goffin Cockatoo cost?
A Goffin's cockatoo is one of the smaller species of cockatoo. It breeds quite easily in captivity and is a pretty popular cockatoo pet. The price of a goffins cockatoo is around $1000 and $2000 USD for a weaned young adult.

Are cockatoos a good pet?
The umbrella cockatoo owner should have experience with parrots before taking on this feathered handful. This is not a good first bird, nor is a good child's pet. ... Wild cockatoos forage all day for seeds and nuts, as well as coconuts and grain crops. Like all companion parrots, cockatoos do not thrive on birdseed alone.

Are cockatoos aggressive?

Cockatoos can become aggressive, sometimes lunging at or biting members of your family. An aggressive cockatoo is not trying to be mean or malicious—instead, this type of behavior may result from fear, stress, or improper socialization. You can deal with aggressive behavior by understanding what triggers the behavior.

Do cockatoos speak?
Speaking in cockatoos. Parrots are famous for imitation of speech. They can mimic human speech or sounds perfect. Cockatoos can also imitate sounds, but they are not as good in this as many other species.