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The Healthiest, Hand fed, Well Socialized, hand Tamed birds available for sale ! We take pride in hand raising every bird in a loving and caring environment.

We have the largest cage in the U.S. Let us help you find the perfect safe haven for your companion parrot.

We recommend the best diet for your feathered friend. Setup hassle free regular food deliveries at check.

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What Makes Us Different From Other Hand Raised Exotic Birds Breeders

We have the healthiest, well socialized, hand fed baby exotic birds for sale, raised in a loving and caring environment by our knowledgeable, well trained staff. Let us help you select the best cage and Pet bird accessories for your beloved family member.

We test our aviary birds for sale for PBFD Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, Chlamydia psittaci - also referred to as Psittacosis, Polyomavirus,and Bornavirus or Borna disease virus (BDV). We also vaccinate for Polyomavirus.

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